Together forever?

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Together forever?

Before we spent all our lives with the same person. To be a couple meant to be together and forever. Today?

Before we spent all our lives with the same person. To be a couple meant to be together and forever. In full accordance with the usual formulation, we walked through life together both in sorrow and in joy. Now it seems that sadness comes to the fore. Life breaks up into small fragments, is divided into parts. We diverge, sometimes we meet again, and this happens at any age! Who would have thought that grandfather and grandmother could be idle? Okay, let them be, but not mine! I have never seen my grandfather without a grandmother, although they often annoyed each other, sometimes quarreled, but at the same time they could not imagine life separately. I believe that in hardness and endurance of everyday life was a special beauty. And the grandmother always seemed strange the idea that someone could divorce. The people of their generation practically forbidden themselves to ask themselves the question of whether they were happy in relations.

But life continues, and morals are changing. All ages are submissive to development. Why not get divorced at 70, if not satisfied with a marital life? Why set deadlines to love aspirations? Before my eyes, situations immediately arise that they would have been horrified by grandmother: “But she went crazy! She throws her husband, and he cannot even cook coffee himself!”This woman really decided to live alone after fifty years of marriage to take revenge on the windy of the partner. Revenge is a dish that is served by the old. Of course, this is not the most common case, but it is enough to wander over the network to admit that idle pensioners are a new reality. There are more and more specialized sections of love dating for people like MEITICs for MEETICs. This is a modern version of dance evenings. Example – the slogan ”Everything begins again today!”

I expected to see evidence of the loneliness of the elderly, but I was surprised to find humor in many ads on the dating site. When people have reached a certain age and accumulated life experience, a significant link is excluded from

the process of seduction: the need to find a person with whom you will spend life. Here writes a 65-year-old woman: “I am looking for a beautiful prince and do not lose hope of him to find him!»On another site you can fill out the section” Number of grandchildren ”. Here is the information that you cannot find on the AdopteunMec website.Com! One woman clarifies that she has eight grandchildren, but she is ready to stop doing them if she meets a man! Love is always a priority. The ticket remains valid at any age. Finally, it is nice to imagine men and women who are going to the first date the same way as they did before, in their youth. I think about how I will be at this age, having met a stranger, with a bouquet in my hands and beating, like a teenager, with my heart.

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