”Mom, we will not be friends”

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”Mom, we will not be friends”

In childhood, we dream that parents tell us everything. But having matured, we look at their sudden frankness completely different. Do I need to ”be friends” with your parents and what is fraught with it?

“My daughter is my girlfriend,” I hear from friends who have grown worthy heiresses. Or: ”My son is the most reliable man in my environment”. This is really happiness – to maintain relations with children, despite the storm of puberty, the drought of all expectations and a chronic mess on the table.

When there are no secrets with children – there is something to be proud of. And what a good luck for children to get one address to the care of a hot dinner and a devoted friendship, when you are ready to insure you on corners, soften blows, disinterestedly share the joy of success.

But now, as they say, years. And parents suddenly understand that with a daughter you can not only change outfits and discuss her boyfriends and a new diet, but also share the innermost. Like, but you know, my father and I are not so smooth. Or: call me urgently. It seems that your mother and I are getting divorced.

On the one hand, the child is terribly proud. His authority in the eyes of his parents (at

least one of them) grew to the moon. We can say that from that moment he finally stopped being a child at all. He was transferred to an inflatable ball of responsibility. No, they are not waiting for decisions from him yet, you still do not have to take someone’s side. They just tell him how difficult it is, this radiant life from his point of view.

And who else? They (children) said that they knew better what happiness is and what is worth in this world. They asked not to climb with advice-let them now advise something smart. They raised good, smart, independent, they already earn, and they drive their own children to the pool. They understand life – and not routine, like a mother with a dad, but in a new, with fresh lightweight rules, overwhelming invitations, open finals. So listen to me, daughter! So what will I tell you, son ..

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